Thursday, June 2, 2011

ABM Session for the May

Whew what a crazy few days we had. I wanted to update every night with Grant's ABM Sessions but we had too much fun this week and I wasn't able to before everyone crashed for the night :) So here is a breakdown of how Grant's 3 days went:

Day 1:
- Session 1: I have to be honest and say I was completely dreading this!! Last time was miserable and I felt Grant didn't get as much out of it as I knew he could. Not because of Chad but because Grant wouldn't listen. Not to mention he was awake the entire 3.5 hr drive. We got there in time to stop by the mall and get Grant about an hour nap in but I didn't think it would be good enough. So we get to the studio and as soon as we walk in the door Grant started fussing. I thought great here we go ready for my ear drums to hurt from him crying. We got in the room and he cried for about 5 minutes and then was done and ready to play. I held him for about 10 min and then Chad took him. Grant played on the table with Chad for about 25-30 min!! I was absolutely amazed!!! He was able to work with his legs and arms a great deal. Once we hit the 45 min mark Grant usually looses it so I had to take over but Chad was still able to work with him. I was so proud of him and only hoping that each session went that good.

- Session 2: I was hoping session 1 wasn't just a fluke and we were about to find out. Grant was a little more fussy this time because he never gets a good nap in-between sessions so I was ready for it this time. He still eventually let Chad take him for about 20 min and work with him. Then it was back in mom's arms. After about 45 min Grant wouldn't even let Chad touch him. It kind of made me laugh because he would be fine if Chad was in front of him playing but as soon as he reached around to touch his back Grant tightened up and screamed like Chad was hurting him. Silly boy! Not as great of a session as the first but still 10 times better than any session last month!

DAY 2:
- Session 1: Went pretty much the same as the day before! He played with Chad for about 30-35 min this time! He had Grant working on side sitting and then Grant pushed off and started towards his toys. Of course with a little help from Chad. But he was able to work with him and see how he does on his tummy. Chad said that if his arms could keep up with his legs Grant would be all over the place! Towards the end of the session Chad even stood up with Grant to let me clean up the toys and Grant didn't cry so Chad walked away to the mirror to play with Grant. Instead of watching himself Grant was looking at me and smiling so I stepped behind Chad where he couldn't see me and he was just fine! Who is this boy was my thought! He was such a big boy and again I was so proud of him!!!

- Session 2: Again a lot like the day before. We made the mistake of not going somewhere cool for the in-between time. he did get a nap but we walked around historical downtown in the 90+ degree weather then got in the car with no AC! So he was a bit hot and cranky but still did about the same as the day before.

DAY 3:
- Session 1: Again about the same only he let Chad play with him for about 40-45 min! Chad was even able to lay him on his on his back for about 2 min :) Again if you know Grant at all that's a huge deal. He has issues with lying on his back on anything but our floor at home or Ma's floor. He especially has a problem if it's like an exam table which is a lot like the table Chad uses so this again was a huge deal!! He was able to see how close Grant is to rolling over. If only he would have been able to work with him a tad bit more like that but we will take what we can get!

- Session 2: This was the worst session of all which was expected since it was his last session. He still let Chad take him for a bit but not for long. He didn't take a nap between sessions so he was running on nothing :) We still managed to get a full hour out of him so that was good.

I feel like Grant learned so much this time. He listened to Chad so well. When Chad would tell him to push with his legs or bend his knees Grant would listen and do it. Chad was having Grant reach out and grab things and at first he helped him open his hand all the way but after the first day Grant was doing it on his own. Sometimes he would forget about his thumb and Chad would say where is that thumb and what do you have to do with it and Grant would open all 5 fingers big and wide before he grabbed something. I am so blessed that he is so amazingly smart!! He wants to do it and he knows how to do it he just can't get his body to understand. Hopefully it won't be long :)

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