Monday, June 20, 2011

Is It Ignorance Or Just Plain Rude?

I had my first moment of I could have kicked someone's butt over a comment made! I am usually pretty relaxed and understanding about comments or questions...even the dreaded "I'm so sorry" but there are some comments that even I can't handle!

We were at Ryan's (and my dad and my brother's :) ) softball game yesterday and I had Grant standing. His legs managed to get a little crossed and usually I fixed it but I didn't this time. Well this girl that comes (that talks about everyone!) was talking to another girl and said "That's how my dogs back legs are." At first I thought just ignore it. Well then she went on to say "That kid is just chilling but my dog can't uncross his legs."

My first thought then was did she really just compare my son to her DOG!! Really?!! I don't care if a child has a disability or not you don't compare any child to a dog!!!! Second was instant rage!!!!!!! My son is just chilling? JUST CHILLING!!! Oh listen I would love for my son to just be chilling! I didn't know what to do so I got up and walked away! My mom was playing catch with my nephew so I went and told her. I was enraged to the point that I was shaking and about to cry (not sad tears...angry tears)!!! My mom was immediately enraged to. She went over to the girl and said "Before you compare a child to your dog maybe you should understand the circumstances. My grandson has cerebral palsy so no he wasn't just chilling he can't uncross his legs either!" To which the girl replied "Oh that's not what I meant." Not what you meant are you kidding me!!! If that's not what you meant then I would love to know what you did mean!! It wasn't long before she got up and left (trying to find any way out but to walk by us. Too bad that was the only way out!) But to not even come up and apologize is just inconsiderate!!!

But then after I got home I was mad at myself! I reason with myself saying that I didn't say anything to the girl because I was so mad I didn't want to say anything the boys shouldn't hear me say! I didn't want them to see me like that or to hear my say something that I would never want to hear them say. But then the more I thought about it the more my heart hurts because I didn't stand up for my son. Was I right to walk away and not say anything or should I have said something even if it came out nasty? I feel like in some way I have let Grant down! I know there are more comments in his lifetime that will be made and I hope next time I handle it with more confidence!

Needless to say if you see a child that is crossing his legs or yelling out or shaking or not holding his hands like he should...please watch what you say because you never know what is going on in that child or parent's life!

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