Monday, June 27, 2011

ABM for June!

We should've known when the day started out with rain the entire drive that today would've turned into what it did! The boys slept the whole way which was a first. We went to the mall to kill time and get Grant Man a good breakfast before his 1st session.

Session 1: We walked in and there was hardly even any lip puckering! We went in the Chad and I held him for all of 5 minutes. Chad said "Grant do you want to play with toys?" Grant smiled his big smile and made his noise that sounds like "Yea". Chad said "Well you have to come with me and mom will get you some toys." So Chad took Grant and I got toys and Chad had him the rest of the time!!! He had Grant sitting then going from sitting to laying on his side to tummy to working on crawling!! HE HAD GRANT ON THE TABLE!!! This is a HUGE step! Grant doesn't lay anywhere unfamiliar he even cries sometimes on our floor changing his diaper. So to get Grant to lay on the table and work with him was amazing! I was in shock!!

Session 2: I never imagined this session could've gone as good or better but sure enough it did! Again it wasn't even 5 minutes of me holding him and off to Chad he went! It was the same thing this session only this time he did such an amazing job with what Chad was working on. When going from sitting to hands and knees he was putting his hand down every time to support himself. Chad had Grant on kneeling and kept saying "we are going to go down on your hands now" and Grant would put his hands down. He was grabbing toys like crazy. He even got up great on hands and knees and held it for about 15 seconds. Then when working on crawling his arms still did the same as always but instead of when brings his legs up underneath him they frog out he was actually bringing them up underneath him the way he should for crawling!

I couldn't have been happier with how today went. Afterwards Grant was talking so much and making so many more sounds than normal. BUT....

That's when it all went south. Not for Grant...he's still sitting here chatting away! No instead when we got to our hotel that we have been staying at (who helped us out a great deal and only charges us $30 per night) we find out that the owners have been putting people in rooms with mold and mildew so bad it's making them sick. So she said she refused to let us stay there because she has kids and she couldn't consciously let us do that! So she sent us down to the Super8 after calling them and asking for a king size bed and that they give us the same rate they were. Well we get here and they are charging us $60 for a queen bed for the four of us to sleep in and we can't discuss the rate until tomorrow morning when the property manager is in. Okay fine we will be finding somewhere else to stay tomorrow!! THEN...we go to Culver's to eat (because we now have no fridge or microwave for food) and there is a balloon artist doing balloon animals which was cute and Matthew loved but then this annoying lady and her annoying little boy decided to sit down at the table behind us and talk to us the entire time we tried to eat! Seriously just let eat!! hopefully we can find someone willing to work with us on price but I doubt it! But with Grant it was a great day and everything else not so much!

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  1. So glad that the ABM is going so well :) Sorry about the rest of it!!