Thursday, June 30, 2011

ABM Day 3 for June

Ahh...well we are home at last! It's always hard to post day 3 at the end of day 3! Everyone is sleeping and I'm already watching kiddos! :) Welcome home, huh! Day 3 went as expected but I am still so pleased!

Session 1: went about the same as all the other sessions! Grant went right to Chad and played the hour away! Worked on all the same things. He is getting fast at getting those legs going! Chad said his hands will catch up. And I can already tell. We were playing with him last night and usually I have to rotate his butt to get his hands up and several times he did it right away on his own!

Session 2: not so great! But then again this session never is! By the 6th session in three days Grant Man is just exhausted! He last about 30-40 minutes and then was fussy from then on. We were still able to distract him and Chad was still able to work with him it just took a lot to do so!

I am so incredibly proud of my Grant Man! He continues to amaze me every time we go to his ABM!! It seems to take about a week or two to really start seeing the results and I can't wait! I have no doubt in my mind he will be getting around within a month or two and I have no doubt in my mind he will eventually walk!

Now we are left with a decision...Stay with the 3 days/6 sessions every 4-5 weeks or go to 2 days/4 sessions every 2-3 weeks. Hmm...guess we will see what Ryan's job has to say about that!

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