Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ABM Day 2 for June

Another day done and we are all EXHAUSTED!! Day two went pretty good I guess...

Session 1: Went same as yesterday which I was so happy about! Grant went to Chad after about 5 minutes and was with him the entire time! He worked on everything he did yesterday and is already showing improvements! He is reaching and grabbing is so good. He's keeping his hand open and everything!

Session 2: Not as great! It didn't help Grant Man was so tired because he decided to only take a 20 minute nap. He went right to Chad as soon as we got in the room but he only lasted about 45 minutes before I had to take over. He still was able to get him down on the table and work with him which is great with me!

After the second session we went swimming which Grant LOVED! He was squealing and screeching like crazy! Matthew had a blast, too, jumping into Ryan and "swimming" :) Anxious to see what tomorrow brings!

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