Thursday, June 30, 2011

ABM Day 3 for June

Ahh...well we are home at last! It's always hard to post day 3 at the end of day 3! Everyone is sleeping and I'm already watching kiddos! :) Welcome home, huh! Day 3 went as expected but I am still so pleased!

Session 1: went about the same as all the other sessions! Grant went right to Chad and played the hour away! Worked on all the same things. He is getting fast at getting those legs going! Chad said his hands will catch up. And I can already tell. We were playing with him last night and usually I have to rotate his butt to get his hands up and several times he did it right away on his own!

Session 2: not so great! But then again this session never is! By the 6th session in three days Grant Man is just exhausted! He last about 30-40 minutes and then was fussy from then on. We were still able to distract him and Chad was still able to work with him it just took a lot to do so!

I am so incredibly proud of my Grant Man! He continues to amaze me every time we go to his ABM!! It seems to take about a week or two to really start seeing the results and I can't wait! I have no doubt in my mind he will be getting around within a month or two and I have no doubt in my mind he will eventually walk!

Now we are left with a decision...Stay with the 3 days/6 sessions every 4-5 weeks or go to 2 days/4 sessions every 2-3 weeks. Hmm...guess we will see what Ryan's job has to say about that!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ABM Day 2 for June

Another day done and we are all EXHAUSTED!! Day two went pretty good I guess...

Session 1: Went same as yesterday which I was so happy about! Grant went to Chad after about 5 minutes and was with him the entire time! He worked on everything he did yesterday and is already showing improvements! He is reaching and grabbing is so good. He's keeping his hand open and everything!

Session 2: Not as great! It didn't help Grant Man was so tired because he decided to only take a 20 minute nap. He went right to Chad as soon as we got in the room but he only lasted about 45 minutes before I had to take over. He still was able to get him down on the table and work with him which is great with me!

After the second session we went swimming which Grant LOVED! He was squealing and screeching like crazy! Matthew had a blast, too, jumping into Ryan and "swimming" :) Anxious to see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, June 27, 2011

ABM for June!

We should've known when the day started out with rain the entire drive that today would've turned into what it did! The boys slept the whole way which was a first. We went to the mall to kill time and get Grant Man a good breakfast before his 1st session.

Session 1: We walked in and there was hardly even any lip puckering! We went in the Chad and I held him for all of 5 minutes. Chad said "Grant do you want to play with toys?" Grant smiled his big smile and made his noise that sounds like "Yea". Chad said "Well you have to come with me and mom will get you some toys." So Chad took Grant and I got toys and Chad had him the rest of the time!!! He had Grant sitting then going from sitting to laying on his side to tummy to working on crawling!! HE HAD GRANT ON THE TABLE!!! This is a HUGE step! Grant doesn't lay anywhere unfamiliar he even cries sometimes on our floor changing his diaper. So to get Grant to lay on the table and work with him was amazing! I was in shock!!

Session 2: I never imagined this session could've gone as good or better but sure enough it did! Again it wasn't even 5 minutes of me holding him and off to Chad he went! It was the same thing this session only this time he did such an amazing job with what Chad was working on. When going from sitting to hands and knees he was putting his hand down every time to support himself. Chad had Grant on kneeling and kept saying "we are going to go down on your hands now" and Grant would put his hands down. He was grabbing toys like crazy. He even got up great on hands and knees and held it for about 15 seconds. Then when working on crawling his arms still did the same as always but instead of when brings his legs up underneath him they frog out he was actually bringing them up underneath him the way he should for crawling!

I couldn't have been happier with how today went. Afterwards Grant was talking so much and making so many more sounds than normal. BUT....

That's when it all went south. Not for Grant...he's still sitting here chatting away! No instead when we got to our hotel that we have been staying at (who helped us out a great deal and only charges us $30 per night) we find out that the owners have been putting people in rooms with mold and mildew so bad it's making them sick. So she said she refused to let us stay there because she has kids and she couldn't consciously let us do that! So she sent us down to the Super8 after calling them and asking for a king size bed and that they give us the same rate they were. Well we get here and they are charging us $60 for a queen bed for the four of us to sleep in and we can't discuss the rate until tomorrow morning when the property manager is in. Okay fine we will be finding somewhere else to stay tomorrow!! THEN...we go to Culver's to eat (because we now have no fridge or microwave for food) and there is a balloon artist doing balloon animals which was cute and Matthew loved but then this annoying lady and her annoying little boy decided to sit down at the table behind us and talk to us the entire time we tried to eat! Seriously just let eat!! hopefully we can find someone willing to work with us on price but I doubt it! But with Grant it was a great day and everything else not so much!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Is It Ignorance Or Just Plain Rude?

I had my first moment of I could have kicked someone's butt over a comment made! I am usually pretty relaxed and understanding about comments or questions...even the dreaded "I'm so sorry" but there are some comments that even I can't handle!

We were at Ryan's (and my dad and my brother's :) ) softball game yesterday and I had Grant standing. His legs managed to get a little crossed and usually I fixed it but I didn't this time. Well this girl that comes (that talks about everyone!) was talking to another girl and said "That's how my dogs back legs are." At first I thought just ignore it. Well then she went on to say "That kid is just chilling but my dog can't uncross his legs."

My first thought then was did she really just compare my son to her DOG!! Really?!! I don't care if a child has a disability or not you don't compare any child to a dog!!!! Second was instant rage!!!!!!! My son is just chilling? JUST CHILLING!!! Oh listen I would love for my son to just be chilling! I didn't know what to do so I got up and walked away! My mom was playing catch with my nephew so I went and told her. I was enraged to the point that I was shaking and about to cry (not sad tears...angry tears)!!! My mom was immediately enraged to. She went over to the girl and said "Before you compare a child to your dog maybe you should understand the circumstances. My grandson has cerebral palsy so no he wasn't just chilling he can't uncross his legs either!" To which the girl replied "Oh that's not what I meant." Not what you meant are you kidding me!!! If that's not what you meant then I would love to know what you did mean!! It wasn't long before she got up and left (trying to find any way out but to walk by us. Too bad that was the only way out!) But to not even come up and apologize is just inconsiderate!!!

But then after I got home I was mad at myself! I reason with myself saying that I didn't say anything to the girl because I was so mad I didn't want to say anything the boys shouldn't hear me say! I didn't want them to see me like that or to hear my say something that I would never want to hear them say. But then the more I thought about it the more my heart hurts because I didn't stand up for my son. Was I right to walk away and not say anything or should I have said something even if it came out nasty? I feel like in some way I have let Grant down! I know there are more comments in his lifetime that will be made and I hope next time I handle it with more confidence!

Needless to say if you see a child that is crossing his legs or yelling out or shaking or not holding his hands like he should...please watch what you say because you never know what is going on in that child or parent's life!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

He Didn't Ask For This!

Here lately I have had several people remind me on a daily basis of what a great and inspiration person I am as a mother. They tell me how strong I am and admire my determination and support I give my boys. I think I've figured out why I do everything I can for these two little princes in my life...

I have come to the realization that I give everything in my being physically, mentally and emotionally to give Grant the best life possible because it's not his fault. HE DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS!! I'm not saying it's my fault or Ryan's fault or even God's fault...Grant is the way he is for a reason and I know he will do amazing things. But if he had been given the choice to be "normal" or have CP he wouldn't have chosen a life with one would!! So because we were given this special gift and God placed such a special little boy in our lives I feel that I need to give him everything I can to make him have the best life possible. I know he is capable of great things because he was given an obstacle to overcome and that makes any person capable of great things! I want him to be able to be the boy that he knows so well he is! I want him to be able to say...Look what I've done...Look at all that I have accomplished! My hope is that one day he will be able to tell his story and inspire other children and parents!

I know my Grant Man is amazing because he shows me everyday! Whether it's through accomplishing a huge milestone, getting that look on his face when he knows he's pestering Matthew or just giving me that simple smile that says "I love you Mom" without saying the words. He is so smart! He knows what he should be doing and he tries so hard to do it! He wants to run and jump and play in the dirt and I know one day he will! It's funny because while I use the term "normal" very lightly anytime I say it around my dad he reminds me that Grant is the "normal" one and it's all of use that aren't :)

I'm so happy to know that Grant (and Matthew) have such amazing people in their lives that love and support them the way all of you have! I love you all! Now I hear the Grant Man in there so I gotta go!

What An Amazing Day!

Grant had a great great day yesterday!! In fact it was better than was AMAZING!! This little boy never ceases to amaze me :)

He has been trying to help me feed him by reaching for the fork. Sometimes I would put it in his hand but his tone would get in the way when I would try to help him and he would tighten up. Well yesterday it was the same thing. He was reaching for the fork so I gave it to him and he let me help him put it in his mouth. I helped him two or three times. Then when I put it the fork in his hand the next time he immediately put it in his mouth!!! I was so shocked, surprised and happy!! Then when we sat down for lunch he did it again! He ate his entire dinner with him feeding himself with some help from me! (see video

Then not only did he work on feeding himself but he has also been working hard with a sippy cup. We got him a cup with handles and he has been trying to get ahold of the handles and help himself but again his tone gets in the way and it just gets pulled in tight under his chin. Well yesterday he grabbed the cup with both hands (he's never done that before) and pulled it right to his mouth!! He didn't lift it up to get a drink but getting it to his mouth without assistance is a huge feat in and of itself!! :)

As if that wasn't enough...Matthew, Grant and I went outside and to play. I put Grant in his gait trainer by the garage door and started walking down the driveway to put Matthew's T for T-ball at the end of the driveway. I turned around and Grant Man was half way down the driveway!! Where did this come from? He's never walked in it with his shoes on and here is was trying to follow me. He walked the length of the driveway twice!!! (see video

And in addition to all that he also worked on sitting yesterday! I am now able to bend his legs and cross them so that he is sitting criss cross applesauce. He sat like that and played with his toys in a way that he has never been able to play with them. Usually he has to either reach out extremely far or I have to put the toys beside him. He was loving it!!

He is also working hard on getting an army crawl! He gets in his tummy and gets his hands up (with my help but he's so close to not needing help), he will then either push up on hands and knees or go ahead and push with his feet. Then he will move one arm up but he gets stuck on the other hand once his weight shifts. He is so close. He can get going enough to somewhat bug his brother. I never imagined I would want to hear Matthew say "Grant stop it" But it's a great sound to hear!!

So my Grant Man has made me a proud Momma once again and he has once again made me realize his true strength and determination!!! He continues to amaze me every day and I'm sure this isn't going to stop anytime soon!!

"Your gonna make it
Yea I know you can make it
Cause I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
And you can’t cope
And I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

ABM Session for the May

Whew what a crazy few days we had. I wanted to update every night with Grant's ABM Sessions but we had too much fun this week and I wasn't able to before everyone crashed for the night :) So here is a breakdown of how Grant's 3 days went:

Day 1:
- Session 1: I have to be honest and say I was completely dreading this!! Last time was miserable and I felt Grant didn't get as much out of it as I knew he could. Not because of Chad but because Grant wouldn't listen. Not to mention he was awake the entire 3.5 hr drive. We got there in time to stop by the mall and get Grant about an hour nap in but I didn't think it would be good enough. So we get to the studio and as soon as we walk in the door Grant started fussing. I thought great here we go ready for my ear drums to hurt from him crying. We got in the room and he cried for about 5 minutes and then was done and ready to play. I held him for about 10 min and then Chad took him. Grant played on the table with Chad for about 25-30 min!! I was absolutely amazed!!! He was able to work with his legs and arms a great deal. Once we hit the 45 min mark Grant usually looses it so I had to take over but Chad was still able to work with him. I was so proud of him and only hoping that each session went that good.

- Session 2: I was hoping session 1 wasn't just a fluke and we were about to find out. Grant was a little more fussy this time because he never gets a good nap in-between sessions so I was ready for it this time. He still eventually let Chad take him for about 20 min and work with him. Then it was back in mom's arms. After about 45 min Grant wouldn't even let Chad touch him. It kind of made me laugh because he would be fine if Chad was in front of him playing but as soon as he reached around to touch his back Grant tightened up and screamed like Chad was hurting him. Silly boy! Not as great of a session as the first but still 10 times better than any session last month!

DAY 2:
- Session 1: Went pretty much the same as the day before! He played with Chad for about 30-35 min this time! He had Grant working on side sitting and then Grant pushed off and started towards his toys. Of course with a little help from Chad. But he was able to work with him and see how he does on his tummy. Chad said that if his arms could keep up with his legs Grant would be all over the place! Towards the end of the session Chad even stood up with Grant to let me clean up the toys and Grant didn't cry so Chad walked away to the mirror to play with Grant. Instead of watching himself Grant was looking at me and smiling so I stepped behind Chad where he couldn't see me and he was just fine! Who is this boy was my thought! He was such a big boy and again I was so proud of him!!!

- Session 2: Again a lot like the day before. We made the mistake of not going somewhere cool for the in-between time. he did get a nap but we walked around historical downtown in the 90+ degree weather then got in the car with no AC! So he was a bit hot and cranky but still did about the same as the day before.

DAY 3:
- Session 1: Again about the same only he let Chad play with him for about 40-45 min! Chad was even able to lay him on his on his back for about 2 min :) Again if you know Grant at all that's a huge deal. He has issues with lying on his back on anything but our floor at home or Ma's floor. He especially has a problem if it's like an exam table which is a lot like the table Chad uses so this again was a huge deal!! He was able to see how close Grant is to rolling over. If only he would have been able to work with him a tad bit more like that but we will take what we can get!

- Session 2: This was the worst session of all which was expected since it was his last session. He still let Chad take him for a bit but not for long. He didn't take a nap between sessions so he was running on nothing :) We still managed to get a full hour out of him so that was good.

I feel like Grant learned so much this time. He listened to Chad so well. When Chad would tell him to push with his legs or bend his knees Grant would listen and do it. Chad was having Grant reach out and grab things and at first he helped him open his hand all the way but after the first day Grant was doing it on his own. Sometimes he would forget about his thumb and Chad would say where is that thumb and what do you have to do with it and Grant would open all 5 fingers big and wide before he grabbed something. I am so blessed that he is so amazingly smart!! He wants to do it and he knows how to do it he just can't get his body to understand. Hopefully it won't be long :)