Wednesday, June 15, 2011

He Didn't Ask For This!

Here lately I have had several people remind me on a daily basis of what a great and inspiration person I am as a mother. They tell me how strong I am and admire my determination and support I give my boys. I think I've figured out why I do everything I can for these two little princes in my life...

I have come to the realization that I give everything in my being physically, mentally and emotionally to give Grant the best life possible because it's not his fault. HE DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS!! I'm not saying it's my fault or Ryan's fault or even God's fault...Grant is the way he is for a reason and I know he will do amazing things. But if he had been given the choice to be "normal" or have CP he wouldn't have chosen a life with one would!! So because we were given this special gift and God placed such a special little boy in our lives I feel that I need to give him everything I can to make him have the best life possible. I know he is capable of great things because he was given an obstacle to overcome and that makes any person capable of great things! I want him to be able to be the boy that he knows so well he is! I want him to be able to say...Look what I've done...Look at all that I have accomplished! My hope is that one day he will be able to tell his story and inspire other children and parents!

I know my Grant Man is amazing because he shows me everyday! Whether it's through accomplishing a huge milestone, getting that look on his face when he knows he's pestering Matthew or just giving me that simple smile that says "I love you Mom" without saying the words. He is so smart! He knows what he should be doing and he tries so hard to do it! He wants to run and jump and play in the dirt and I know one day he will! It's funny because while I use the term "normal" very lightly anytime I say it around my dad he reminds me that Grant is the "normal" one and it's all of use that aren't :)

I'm so happy to know that Grant (and Matthew) have such amazing people in their lives that love and support them the way all of you have! I love you all! Now I hear the Grant Man in there so I gotta go!

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