Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Got His Gait Trainer!!

So I just realized I never posted about getting Grant Man's gait trainer! We got it almost two weeks ago! Even though it still doesn't have it completely figured out...he LOVES it! He feels like such a big boy standing up in it and trying to take steps. He did walk all over the kitchen yesterday for his PT but of course nothing for me :)

I must say seeing this piece of equipment in my house and lugging it with us to my parents every night is sometimes an emotional reminder of Grant's struggles! I sometimes find myself looking at it with sadness but immediately sweep those feelings away and think of it as another step in getting Grant mobile. I never expected to have a special chair for eating, a special chair for bathing, and a special piece of equipment for walking to be consuming my house. It's so funny how you take so much for granted until you are faced with something like this.

That being said we are going to get Grant moving around like crazy in it and hopefully posting a video soon of my little man! For now a picture will have to do :)

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