Friday, May 27, 2011

Developmental Pediatrician Follow-Up

Well I know it's been awhile but there hasn't really been much to update on and I've been super busy editing photos for photography.

Grant had his development follow-up with his developmental pediatrician, Dr. Hoffman. I was really excited about this appointment because I really like Dr. Hoffman and I like having an outsiders input who doesn't see Grant every week. I was dreading it at the same time because I knew it would be a lot of crying and I was afraid the Dr. would think Grant does nothing.

Dr. Hoffman walked in and for a bit stayed away. He sat across the room and asked me questions. He had asked about the botox appointment because he is the one who referred us to Dr. Gupta. I told him I really liked Gupta but we were saving botox for a last ditch effort and explained to him about ABM. He had never heard of it and right then pulled out his laptop. He said he wanted to see what it was about and make sure that it wasn't a scam to us. I thought that was great that he did that. Most doctor's wouldn't care. So we got his approval :) and he even asked if he could get ahold of the guy and tell him that we referred him!

After all the questions he tried to play with Grant. Well of course that didn't work so he back up across the room again and had me play with him. Grant did great!! He was so super impressed with Grant and all that he could do. He asked at one point if he was eating baby food yet and I just kind of chuckled and told him what he is eating. Dr. Hoffman was shocked!!! He said most kiddos with CP aren't eating that great at such a young we are very thankful for that.

Usually before he leaves Dr. Hoffman gives us ideas or suggestions of things to work on and he told me he had no suggestions. He said "I don't know what you are doing but you are doing it right."

Hearing that made me feel so good! I give everything I can to Matthew and Grant and I try my hardest to give them both the best life possible. This is a little harder for Grant but he is so happy and besides the obvious CP he is very healthy and to hear someone say I am doing it right makes me feel great!

Our next update will be about our ABM Session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I'm really anxious to see what he gets out of it this time around. I just wish he would listen because everyone comments on what a bright, smart boy he is and if he would just get over his crying and listen to Chad he could get so much out of it!! Oh well we will work with what we are given at this point :)

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