Friday, May 6, 2011

Update on Grant after ABM

I realized I haven't posted a new update about how Grant is doing after his ABM!

I really have noticed small changes that will begin to make a huge difference! He barely needs any help rolling from back to tummy and is getting pretty good at actually rolling from tummy to back instead of just rolling because his arms are crossed. When he is on his tummy he holds himself up longer without rolling over and he is very slowly learning how to creep forward!

When holding him we had to watch very closely and be ready for him to fall backwards but now I can hold him further on my hip and as long as I put one arm behind me he holds himself up there! There is not as much supporting that needs to be done. He is reaching out and grabbing at everything with open hands! He never did a whole lot with his left hand but he has been grabbing at a lot with his left hand equally as he does with his right! He even gets whatever he has grabbed to his mouth!

He is extremely vocal!! We never heard a whole lot out of him. He would make noises now and then but that would be it. Not now! He "talks" constantly! If we are eating in front of him he gets our attention, if the kids are playing he is trying to get their attention. I swear the other day in the car he said Mom twice trying to get my attention!

So again it's just little things that are so big! :) I'm so proud of all that he has accomplished and how hard he works. Now if we can get him not to cry when we go back at the end of the month that would be perfect!! :)

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