Thursday, April 28, 2011

ABM: Day 3

Sorry for the late update! We left right after Grant's second session yesterday and we were non-stop until we went to bed at 11:30 last night!

Session 1: Went much like session 2 yesterday! I held Grant the entire time and he did great! Chad had his hips/pelvis area rotating and moving all around! He had Grant reaching out for his cup with an open hand and Grant was listening so closely to what Chad was saying! It felt like a very productive session.

Session 2: My sweet baby turned into Mr. Crabs!! He was very much a krabby patty! He wouldn't let Chad touch him (which of course he did anyway) :) We had to keep moving around to keep him happy. He did have Grant giving me "hugs" and wrapping his arms around my neck! Chad said for children as young as Grant usually by the very last session they are just done!

He did send us home with some homework! We are supposed to lay him on different surfaces and make him start feeling okay with it. If we lay him down on the floor and he starts to cry we are supposed to tell him that "mom is going to walk away until you stop crying because there is no need to cry. When you quiet down I will come back in". In addition to that we are supposed to start trying to get him used to people by starting out with group hug and then playing games with me, him and the other person so that he can learn that it is safe! Hopefully these methods work and we can get him better about that before his next set of sessions!! :)

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