Monday, January 16, 2012

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!

So we have been completely stressing ourselves out over how to continue to get Grant Man his ABM. With Ryan losing his day job in the beginning of December it's been so hard making it work.

When we went on January 2nd for Grant's Developmental Pediatric appointment, Dr. Hoffman gave us some great news! Not only about Grant :) but he also told us that he met the new neurologist at CMH and his wife does Feldenkrais (which is what ABM was based on). He gave me her contact info.

I was very anxious to talk to her but me being the procrastinator that I am I kept putting it off and was going to wait until after we got back from seeing Chad which was supposed to be last Thursday and Friday. Well Tuesday Ryan and I made the decision to cancel ABM this month until he has a job and we could afford it. I was completely down. I have very few days of feeling that way but that was one of them. So Wednesday I decided to push my procrastination to the side and make the call. I am SO incredibly thankful that I did!!!

Ms. Ruth Shapiro came out to see Grant Man today and I am so excited about it! She really seemed to like Grant and it only took Grant about 5 minutes to warm up to her. She had him all over the living room rolling and crawling and sitting! He had a blast. She showed us several exercises to do with him in between her sessions. She talked her way through each thing she did not only with us but with Grant. She made sure Grant knew we are going to crawl (or walk), we are rolling, she would name each body part and tap him so that he could feel each part. She was wonderful with him. And she loves to make house visits so she is willing to come to us a majority of the time. But the good news is that even if we have to go to her it's about a 30 min drive :) And she only wants to see him once a week! I know this is going to be SO great for Grant and I am so excited to start this next step in his journey!

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