Sunday, January 22, 2012

All In A Week's Work :)

Grant Man has had a great week! His eating has been phenomenal! He is back to eating three meals a day and not just eating a little but getting his full serving of Proteins, Grains, Veggies/Fruit and Dairy! He is getting SO heavy to carry but that's a good thing! I am so anxious for his nutritionist to come out on Friday and see how much he gained! Stay tuned later this week for the results :)

He has also been a walking machine! We've been taking the gait trainer to Ma and Pa's house (they have hardwood floors throughout their house) and he is all over the place! The other night he walked up to the oven and watched the cookies bake. Tonight he walked to the door and watched the lightening :) Now we just need him to learn to turn instead of walking into tables and walls. But I am so proud of him. This spring/summer he will be running around with all the boys outside!

He is so amazing! Each day he shows us how determined he is to prove everyone wrong! I love you my Grant Man!

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