Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Bumbo Time!

So another thing I can contribute to Feldenkrais...Bumbo Time!! We had a lesson yesterday (Monday). On Sunday night I pulled out the Bumbo (Like I have done several times over the last almost 2 years) to try to see if Grant might magically enjoy sitting in it. Well low and behold he didn't! Screamed horribly when I put him in it. I was pretty bummed. Well we had Feldenkrais and then last night I decided to try again since he had such a great day. I put him in it and LOOK...

(Sorry so blurry)...yep that's right that's a smile spread across his face!

He had a blast sitting in it! As you can see by the joy on his face!

He loved it SO much it was unbelievable. So while I should have been getting pajama's on and getting the boys in bed...Grant was enjoying Bumbo time for the first time and Matthew was eating dinner :)

Yep you've got it...here's a video of my happy little man!

So we are looking forward to more free hands time while Grant plays in the Bumbo!

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