Monday, January 16, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Wow wee is my Grant Man back or what! We are (well he and Matthew are Mom not so much) finally over these colds and Grant's ear infection! He is so over it that he has become quite the eating machine!

Today he woke up and ate breakfast around 10:15 which consisted of half a french toast stick, two strawberries, and a serving of applesauce. Cleaned his plate! See...

Then he had is Feldenkrais lesson. Then at 12:30 he ate lunch (yes about 2 hours later) and he ate a toaster stick, a serving of apples and oatmeal and 3 animal crackers!! And again he cleaned his plate. Look...

Now some of you reading this may be thinking "What's the big deal. The kid is almost 2 and that's all he's eating" or "So what he finished all his food" Well for my little 18 pound 22 month old that is a HUGE deal! We are so incredibly proud of him and his ability to eat table foods (which doesn't happen all too often for children with CP). But here lately between teething and getting sick we have been lucky to get him to drink. He went about 3 days without taking a bite at all! So we are ecstatic that he is finishing this much and it's not just over the course of a day it's been two meals today and it's only 2:00pm! Now he is sound asleep with a full belly ready to work for Ms. Amelia :)

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  1. Hey there lady. I didn't know that he wasn't eating. When Seth would get that way, he wouldn't eat either. Except for one thing... Yogurt! For some reason my boys love it and will eat it when they aren't feeling good and refuse to eat or drink anything else. I think they believe it's ice cream or something. Lol. They love all the different flavors. Especially the fruit on the bottom ones.