Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much Excitement Around Here!

Wow...I know it's been a bit since I've last posted but there hasn't been a whole lot to post! Until now that is!

So the ABM practitioner in St. Charles called and we are scheduled to go for Grant's first session next week! It will be a three day session with two sessions per day! I cannot wait to see what this does for my baby boy! Since he rolled over after just a 45 min visit I can't image what 2 hours a day for three days will do for him! He is so close to doing so much! He can sit for about 10-15 seconds on his own and he is trying so so hard to start crawling! I know the results won't be instantaneous but they will happen I just know it!

We also get Grant's gait trainer tomorrow! I cannot wait for that. We went to watch Ryan and Kyle play softball Sunday and all this little boy wanted to do was stand! And he would stand on my lap. He wanted down on the ground with his big brother!! :) So for the entire two hours I was either sitting leaning over holding under his arms or standing leaning over holding his arms! Needless to say my back was broken by the end of the 2 hours but he loved it so it was definitely worth it!

So there are a lot of exciting things getting ready to happen for Grant! I can't wait to see how he responds to each!! I will keep you posted! :)

(Grant propped up and sitting like a big boy! He was playing monster trucks with Matthew!)

(Grant laughing at Toy Story! That boy cracks me up!)

(Mini Spidey!)

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