Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ABM: Day 2

Well Day 2 had fewer tears! :)

Session 1: Again Grant cried the entire hour! :( Luckily Ryan took over the hour for me and I played with Matthew! But Chad worked with Grant again on rolling over and crawling and he really seems to be getting the hang of it! I'm really impressed and so excited to see what he starts trying to do over the next couple of days!

Session 2: In between sessions Chad had talked to another practitioner, Karen, who we met at the free children's clinic last month. She works out of Philadelphia and travels to New York several times a month to work with Maureen who is Anat Baniel's (ABM - Anat Baniel Method) right hand man. So Karen is very trained in this method. He was asking for different ways to try working with Grant to make it even more effective. She said maybe Grant's crying isn't all stemming from manipulation but maybe it's a little bit of a separation issue and not wanting to be separated from me and Ryan. So he had me hold Grant the entire session and it was great!! He worked a lot with his spine and his legs and arms! Grant didn't cry at all...he started to fuss towards the end but no crying! So it was a very good session!

We just got back to the hotel and got Grant down on the floor and we can already see some small improvements!! When he's on his belly he gets both arms up very quickly and bears a lot of weight on his arms. He even army crawled forward and moved his left arm up before his right arm. It's usually his left arm that lags behind!! :) So we are feeling really confident that good things are coming for Grant! God is amazing and works in great ways!

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