Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whew I can't believe two weeks has already gone by since I dropped Grant off for his first day of school. My apologies for it taking so long to update it's been a crazy 2 weeks.

Grant's first week went pretty good. His first day he didn't even cry when I left his classroom. He was such a big boy. Mom saved the tears for the car :) He had a rough day but that was mostly due to everyone not knowing Grant and Grant not knowing them yet. The next few days brought more and more tears when I dropped him off but all smiles when I picked him up!

The second week got a little better. The crying took a little longer to start. He made a friend and someone he really looks up to who is a little over a year older than him and also has CP. His new friend is Grant's inspiration who encourages him during their joint therapy sessions!

I love that my little man is going to school but it's still so weird those few hours that I don't have him here with me. He was attached to my hip for three years and now I kind of feel lost without. But I feel so good knowing he's in such great hands. 

Here are some pictures from his first day of school:

 I told you he was all smiles!

 His teacher and his own para!
 Yep he was happy :)

School picture day is tomorrow and me being a photographer this is the first time my child's school picture will be taken by someone other than me. I take the pictures at Matthew's school and get the pleasure of taking his but Grant's will be a different story! I have a handsome outfit picked out and can't wait to see how they turn out!

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