Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Official...

That's right...we've joined the handicap sticker club. Not one I'm proud to be in but one I'm proud to be in :) I have to admit this was a heart piercer to look at once I got in the car. It's so crazy how things happen (not sure if those are the words I'm looking for)

Let me explain...I have a kid with a disability. Yes this disability is will never go away. Okay, I'm okay with that...I understand that...most importantly, I accept that. However, when you have a child with a disability, that's not enough. What I mean by this is...I know I have a kid with Cerebral Palsy. I live this life everyday and have for the past two years. I live with the weekly therapy sessions. I live with the doctor's appointments. I've lived with the long distance trips to get therapy that insurance doesn't cover. I've lived with losing our house because of saving to pay for something for him. I live it everyday! So why is there always constant reminders of this? Reminders from everything from the kids I babysit, to my older son who runs and plays, to my nephew who is 9 months younger and can do it all. Reminding looks of pity from strangers in the store, reminders all over my house with special equipment to help him sit, walk, play, use his hands, help him stand. I have constant reminders everyday that my baby boy will never lead a "typical" life. And this handicap sticker hanging from my mirror is just another one of those reminders.

So why is simply living this life everyday not enough to remind me? Why do I have these constant reminders? Does God think I might wake up one morning and forget? Or is it just to remind me of how I was picked to be the loving, nurturing mom to such an amazing little miracle? If that is the case then the reminders aren't all that bad. I am the parent of a child with a disability! :)

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