Thursday, March 22, 2012

Botox Update

So sorry it's been 4 weeks since last updating! With Grant's birthday and everything else going on the last four weeks just flew by!

I have to admit weeks 1-3 were rough! He lost lots of control he had. He couldn't even sit up to play with toys, he could stand on both legs, he couldn't hold his head up when holding him. But he could spread his legs very wide, rotate his wrists, open his fingers, and stand flat footed. So we took the good with the bad. I will say the bad was very frustrating. He was getting frustrated and upset which made me frustrated and upset. I feel like we took 10 steps back. But within the last week or so his strength is coming back and that's so encouraging because it means that he is strengthening his muscles not using his tone to do things.

He is back to sitting very upright, playing with toys, holding his head up when being carried, standing and bearing weight on both legs again, he's not scissoring (crossing) his legs when walking, he's using his hands like crazy, he able to play on ride-on toys because he can spread his legs comfortably! It's definitely been so great seeing all this happen. We go back April 9th for a follow-up and then just wait until it's time for more. I think we will definitely be doing it again :)

The above picture was just three days after having botox! He had never been able to even get close to stretching his legs out this far!

That's right that's my Grant Man standing flat footed :)

riding the blue dog on his birthday. Look how wide open and relaxed his legs are :)

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