Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Wanna Botox What?

That's what I found myself saying last March when we took Grant for his botox evaluation. It seemed like the doctor wanted to botox every muscle in Grant Man's little body! Absolutely not was my response and I stuck to my guns! We had just started ABM and it just didn't feel right.

Well now it feels right :) We went this past Monday to do another Botox evaluation. And this time I'm okay with it...actually I'm kind of excited!

Dr. Gupta decided he wants to do the muscle near or right above his shoulder blades which will help with bringing his shoulders back and holding his head straight up, on top and on bottom of his wrist to help with with opening his hands and rotating his wrists, his lower back which will help him learn to use his trunk, the inside and outside of his thighs to help open his legs wider and extend his knees, his calf and Achilles Tendon to help with flexibility of the ankle. Whew...sounds like a lot I know but I think it will be GREAT for him! Between botox, his wonderful therapy he gets now and Feldenkrais I think he will really start doing amazing things!

His botox appointment is on Wednesday, February 22nd at 8:00 am. I have a feeling the next 12 days are going to go by SO slowly!

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