Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feldenkrais Week 4 :)

So we went again to see Ms. Ruth and Grant Man had another amazing lesson! I'm telling you she gets that boy moving, tuckers him out and makes him hungry :)

He is doing so great. He is pushing up on his forearms when on his tummy and holding it which he's never done. He is also getting his legs going and trying to bring his knees up under him. Our homework is when he does this to help him get his knees up under him and hold his pelvis and butt back so he can support himself on his arms. I've tried doing this before and it seriously takes all my might to hold him down and he would never support himself on his arms. Now it only takes me supporting him just a little and he completely supports himself with his arms almost fully extended! When he gets tired he drops his hands, repositions and pushes back up! I really see him being an ornery little brother by summer! Can't wait :)

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