Monday, November 7, 2011

Not again!

Again my apologies life got insanely crazy! Lots to update on!! :)

We have had so much going on since my last update in September! That ABM session went great unfortunately we haven't been able to go back since then. First of all our month of September was insane! We not only had the Taking Strides to Make a Stand Walk but we had Matthew's 3rd Birthday, the Royal's Game Buck O'Neil seats, Matthew's birthday party and a couple other birthday parties. In the mix of all that we found a townhome and moved in :) Because of having to pay the deposit and rent and everything we are still trying to play catch up and hence haven't been able to get Grant's therapy in St. Louis :( But we will be going back this month and I'm so excited.

So has it affected Grant Man not doing ABM. Not negatively that's for sure! My little man is showing huge gains. He is standing flat footed more often then not, he is still eating great (unfortunately lost 4.5 oz in a month but that's what Croup, the flu and a cold all in three weeks will do to you), he is helping hold his cup (even getting it to his lips), drinking from a straw, doing great at opening his hands and he is biting off foods from sandwiches, pizza, anything he can bite off. He had a meeting with his service coordinator to go over goals and set new ones. Grant sat there listening very closely because one goal was that he start trying to hold his sippy cup and do it himself...check that off :) And another goal was that he will be sitting on his own. According to the wording of the goal that will happen when he is sitting 2-3 times a day for 5 min and reaching for/playing with toys unassisted...well guess what by April we will be checking that off the list, too! He has been sitting for 3-5 minutes a couple times a day over the last couple days! I can't tell you how incredibly proud I am of him!!

So that's what's been happening to us in the last couple of months. I promise I will get better at updating!! Happy Monday and I hope you all have a great Tuesday :)

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