Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ABM Session Day 1 (9/7/2011)

So here we are today :) (do you like my short version of the last two months!)

We rented a car to get to St. Charles again this time because our van is still broken :( The car ride here sucked. I definitely got spoiled to my minivan! There is no room in a Cobalt! And the visors are pointless and block no sun. But I still managed to sleep and so did the boys. We ate breakfast at McDonald's. While Mattie and Dad were playing in the play place (totally disgusting) I was asking Grant where the light was. He kept looking up and forming his lips to say the "L" sound. Finally he said "li" and he said it three or four more times!! I was so excited!

Session 1: Grant did Ah-mazing!! He played with Chad the entire hour. Chad actually had to give him back at 5 til so he could work with his neck. He had him side sitting and going from sitting to all fours. He had him working on arching his back and sticking his tummy out. He was also sitting on his knees playing with me. Oh and we were playing catch rolling the ball back and forth! :)

Session 2: Grant didn't do so well at all this session. He only took about a 25 min nap which was no good. I pretty much held him the entire time. Chad still got to work with him but it was while I was holding him. He did have him pushing off the mirror which worked on being flat footed and bearing weight on his heal. Other than that it wasn't all that good. :( Oh well he's allowed a bad session every now and then!

After that we checked in at our hotel! Finally a great hotel for a great price and a friendly staff!! I'm so happy!! And they have an indoor poor open til 11pm so Matthew was happy :) And it's right down the road from Chad so we are happy too. We went to a car show with awesome older cards. Then we got dinner at Subway and had a picnic by the river then walked downtown. While there Grant Man saw a dog and said "dog" but without the "G" sound. Again he said it three or four times! We came back and went swimming in the freezing pool. Well Grant and I sat and watched Dad and Matthew swim. Ryan was freezing and so was Matthew but that didn't keep him from jumping in over and over again! :) Right now we are all cuddled up ready to hit the hay! Well Dad is trying to get the bib from Grant who is cracking up everytime he says "let go!" I love my life! Good night all!!

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