Monday, November 7, 2011

The Miracle That Is... Grant Man!

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I sit on my couch and look around my living room. In the disheveled room I look around and see all Matthew's toys (a football, some blocks, the t-ball T and some cars) and I look around and see Grant's toys (his piggy bank, baseball glove, lightening McQueen and milk jug). As much as I love seeing a clean house I love seeing the toys sitting around because I know it was a day well spent :)

When I look in the corner however I see all Grant's "special" toys (his gait trainer, kid kart, tumble form, and crawler) and realize how incredibly lucky I am to have these items in my living room. If someone would've told me 5 years ago that I would be sitting here looking at this with an amazing little 3 year old upstairs sleeping and an amazing little 19 month old upstairs sleeping I would have said absolutely. But had someone said that little 19 month old would have Cerebral Palsy and at 19 months would not be able to drink out of his own sippy, grab a puff and eat it, sit, crawl, stand on his own, walk, etc I would have said "Yea right" My life was perfect! And my life would always be's funny how quickly your idea of perfect can change!

Perfect now is spending a day with my boys! Seeing Matthew working on writing letters and sitting behind Grant as he plays with toys. But perfect is about so much more than that!! Perfect is when Grant grabs a toy on his own or stands flat footed for a few seconds or now amazingly sits on his own for several minutes!

It's crazy to me how much people take for granted. And I was once one of those people! Did I rejoice when Matthew reached milestones, absolutely! But did I truly appreciate the fact that he reached those? Not like I do now! Every little thing Grant does just shows how truly amazing God is. Grant is the most determined little boy I've ever met. He doesn't let anything hold him back. That is so inspiring. I hope as he gets older he can touch other people's lives like he has mine! I love that little man more than anything!! And I'm pretty darn fond of his older brother :)

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